Friday, August 29, 2008

Can I sell my kids on eBay?

This week has been a bit rough in the chaos department, getting the kids ready for school in the morning. It has gotten progressively worse. I think they have this little stress-o-meter in their bodies and they can sense when we are late and they kind of ramp up their refusal to comply with perfectly normal and regular requests.

As most working parents can attest to, you have a "routine". Wake the kids up, get them dressed, toss some breakfast in them (or marshmallows if you are really desperate, you know, so they don't go to school on an empty stomach), brush teeth/hair, eat vitamins, you get the idea. Same order, same stuff, every STINKIN' day.

But on those days where we are running late, they seem to know it and depending on how late we are will depend on how horrible they act. Yesterday was, by far, the worst. Both kids were literally screaming at us while we were trying to get them ready. Honestly, if you had been at our front door listening you would have thought we were dismembering them or something.

And the other thing I have come to realize is that they are like wild animals and they can tell when you are weak, and take full advantage. So I was a man down this morning, with Mark leaving early to get to work, and boy oh boy, the minute those little hooligans heard the click of the garage door all hell broke loose.

I am glad I made it to work safely today. Can't wait to pick them up tonight and see what they have in store for me!


Sunlover Mom said...

Good luck with that - no one would buy you guys when you were little.

Just kidding!


P.S. It might be time to crack open Dobson's "The Strong Willed Child" to learn how to protect yourselves against the little "hooligans."

Anonymous said...

Oh I've been reading that book! It is right next the toilet now, I have taken up locking myself in there now. It is my only "me time" when I am home with the kids. Some good advice in there, but he never mentions duct tape??