Friday, September 12, 2008

The new booby debate rages on

Mark and I met for lunch today at Subway (did you know you can get a tasty 6 inch sandwich under 300 calories for $5??) and took in some "scenery" while we were there. Actually, Mark enjoyed the view while I pondered the benefits of a boob job.

This is one of my favorite topics to discuss with him because when it comes to women's breasts, there is no logic for a man. We go back and forth on what is a better investment, boobs or a boat? Tough call for me as a small breasted woman living 10 minutes from a lake.

So, I figure for the cost of a decent boob job (roughly $4800 thanks to one of my friends who had the consultation and got the job done) you can also buy a decent used boat.

I think that is interesting. Not that I would mind having a nice rack, since what little I had when I got married droops well below my armpits (the end result of two children) and my belly sticks out further than they do prompting questions from my children like "is there a baby in there"?

Just for fun, let's compare, apples to apples:

Boat: floats on water
Boobs: floats in water
winner: boat

Boat: for a nice used boat, price tag of about $5000
Boobs: for a brand new set, price tag of $4800
winner: boobs

Boat: fun for for the whole family
Boobs: fun only for me, and, on rare occasions, Mark
winner: boat

Boat: replacement cost in 10 - 20 years: could be nothing if you take care of your boat
Boobs: replacement cost: another $4800 or more (with inflation) no matter HOW well you take care of 'em
winner: boat

Boat: everyone can see it and admire it all summer long
Boobs: everyone can see MOST of them and admire them all summer long
winner: toss up

Boat: we will have WAY more friends with a boat
Boobs: only I will have way more friends and Mark may not like them!
winner: depends on who you ask! but in all fairness, the boat wins this argument

Clearly, the boat is the best investment for the expense. Way more bang for our buck and truly fun for the whole family. New boobs might actually end up creating another family member (just ask the aforementioned friend who did get the boob job!!) and would really prevent us from getting out there and enjoying the lake.

I have another poll to see what you, my wonderful readers who keep sending this to everyone they know (hint hint) think about the boat vs boob debate.


la maestra said...

As the "aforementioned friend who did get the boob job" I can honestly say I would have prefered the boat. I loved K2 and Everest...when they were mine. But now they're used as a food source, not a source of fun. Booo!

A boat would not have left me with a tax deduction that I'll be responsible for, for 18+ years. Nooo, a boat would have left me with summers full of memories...not night times full of crappy diapers...sigh...

Mark, honey, rev your motor in the water...really.

Anonymous said...

I am totally cracking up! Thanks for the laugh my friend! Can't wait to kiss those beautiful baby toes!