Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I was punished by God

I am 100% convinced that my fall down the stairs on Easter Sunday was no accident.  Here's the timeline of events:

February 16th, AKA fat tuesday I decide (against my better judgement) to give up sweets and alcohol for lent.  The sweets I can handle, booze? Yeah, not so much.

March 27th, AKA Mark and Amy's first date night in 1000 years.  I had wine & dessert with dinner (GADS, I know is was a Saturday but read on!).

March 28th, AKA black sunday I didn't eat ANY sweets or drink ANY alcohol because I "cheated" on the day before and was making up for it by being good.  (if you are unaware, Lent is 40 days and doesn't include Sundays so you don't have to give up your stuff on Sundays.  Don't believe me?  Count the days and visit http://www.catholicismforweaklings.com/)  Okay, just kidding about the website, but it is true.

April 2, AKA the night before easter Sunday, and my sister in law and I had a glass of wine.  Yes I know lent wasn't over, but it was midnight somewhere in the world and I didn't really think God would mind, especially since He knew I would be in mass on Sunday morning.

April 3, AKA easter morning, from Friday night until Sunday morning before mass I made multiple trips up and down my sister in laws gorgeous and seemingly fresh polished hardwood stairs.  No problem.  The FIRST trip down the stairs AFTER mass, and I repeat IMMEDIATELY AFTER easter mass I slipped on the stairs and fell on my ass. 

Coincidence?  I think not.  And yes, my ass still hurts.  Just sayin'....

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