Thursday, June 20, 2013

Maude VS The Photo Shoot

In all likelihood I can't really add "fitness model" to my resume, but I had the COOLEST opportunity ever today.

I've got to back up the truck just a bit to explain.  My BRF is a runner and about 1.5 years ago roped me into running again.  OK, it was an EASY sell.....  Then she introduced me to the Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother author Sarah Bowen Shea who is just totally amazing.

SBS and CBP have long been friends on FB so one day I took a chance and sent a friend request to Sarah which was accepted.  To me it was like being friended by Julia Roberts!  A celebrity?  Friends with me?!  OMG.  I think I'm still a little giddy about it.

Yesterday SBS posted the following plea:  Need help from my Portland pals: I'm trying to find a mother runner by the name of Evelyn. Very tall, Asian, super pretty. I'm fairly certain her family attends Madeleine might go to Madeleine school. I'm trying to find her to use as a model for new Sweaty Bands we're selling on our site. Thanks.

Never one to shy away from an opportunity to make fun of my hot flashes I posted the following comment:   If you can't find her Maude would volunteer! I sweat all the time w my dang hot flashes! Hope you find her!!!!

SBS emailed me IMMEDIATELY and the next thing I know I'm skipping work to drive to NE PDX this morning to her HOUSE (OMG pinch me, seriously) to have some pics taken with their new Sweaty Bands. 

I was so excited last night, I was jumping up & down and giggling like teenager reading the new Tiger Beat magazine with a Justin Bieber cover. (yes they totally still publish that magazine).

Not more than two minutes after I confirmed I could pawn my kids off on my BRF and set a 9:30AM arrival time I realized I had a zit.  On my face.  Just below my right cheek. CRAP.

I PILED on the zit cream last night, I mean SLATHERED LIKE FROSTING.  And as I said my nightly prayers I implored the Good Lord to restore my skin to it's former 20's elasticity and pimple free state.

Not so much.

I woke up this morning at 6:15 (yes on purpose) to hit the gym for a quick Spin (part of my tri-training) and when I looked in the mirror I lost my schmidt.  Not only do I now have TWO ZITS on my face, but my left eye was swollen, pink and oozing.  Yes, oozing.  OMG.  

I thought to myself "I am sure she's got photoshop."  Then, maybe I should eye isn't a big selling point for most products...

This has happened before and I hoped after a good sweat session and a shower that it would just have been allergies and almost look normal.  Thank goodness that was the case.  However, the zits did not miraculously disappear....

Nothing like prepping for a "photo shoot" to make you realize your shortcomings (thank you aging) like the crows feet and the giant shrubs for eyebrows.  No time to wax them (not like I would anyway, here's why:  previous blog post: A Story Never Told) so I used my little trimmer thingy and spiffed them up.

But then, oh crap, never got around to bleaching my Tom Sellek worthy 'stache (referenced in my post from yesterday) and I've got no time left.  Please, I pleaded silently, let her have photoshop.....

And oh no, should have bleached my smile how I love you for waking my ass up and hate you for the stains you leave behind.

And the hair.  Oh crikey.  When WAS the last time I dyed it?  Holy shnikes, this is for HAIR BANDS.....she's GOT to be able to make my hair look brown, right?  You won't be close enough to see the gray?  Right?  RIGHT?!

After making a mental list of about a dozen beauty treatments I'll need to take care of as soon as humanly possible, I did my best to cover up my pimples (about the only thing I could control today) and put that lightener under my eyes so you don't (hopefully) see the big ass bags I'm sporting cuz I got up at 6:15 after a night of tossing & turning because I was worried about a pimple.

I headed out the door to drop children off and make the short (and easy) drive to Sarah's home.  Giddy.  I was just giddy to be there.  She is so gracious and made me feel like I was doing her a favor, but oh no, it was so fun to just be invited.  I asked if I could live in her basement.  I am pretty sure I freaked her out...just a lil' bit.

I got to meet two of her kids and also her husband, plus Miller the cat who was so freaking soft I could have sat there and rubbed his ears all damn day.

Anyhoozer, to say that I can't wait to see how the photos all turned out is an understatement.  I did get to see this one:

I immediately changed my Twitter profile pic to this...I love the shirt and I think Bonnie & Clyde look spectacular in this tank, not to mention the coordinated Sweaty Band.  AND I am NOW the proud owner of a Bad Ass Mother Runner tank and matching BAMR Sweaty Band.  

I'm wearing the tank RIGHT NOW THIS VERY MINUTE and I am in love.  I might sleep in it.  And I've also got he sweaty band on too and will sport both of them on my bike (band under the helmet of course) and run during the Wahine All Women's Sprint Triathlon on August 3, and well, like every time I go running for the rest of my life!

So, Sarah Bowen Shea you are the one who has done ME the favor!  I feel like sort of famous and like model-y AND I've got some sweet new running swag, but the MOST important thing you've done for me is remind me to: dye my hair, bleach my mustache & teeth (could be at the same time, yes?), wash my face twice a day and to smile like I'm having more fun....

PS - please don't look at the crows feet or gray hair.  It's all about the product folks!  




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