Friday, December 12, 2008

Comments from the kids....

As a working Mom, my house is always a complete disaster. Why? Because what little time I have during the week with the kids is spent most often playing with them and not cleaning. But I don't mind the mess because then I get to experience "kid-talk":

Brady commenting (while disturbingly playing Barbie's with his sister) "Oh YEAH" when picking up a naked Barbie.

Kaylee yelling "I am NOT putting up with this today" to her brother as they were arguing about God-knows-what. (wonder where she learned to talk like that?)

Brady saying "teeter totter, teeter totter" (repeat several times) while pulling his self-described "pee-pee" up and down after his bath.

Kaylee explaining that Brady has a "mushroom" while tubbing together (which was THE last time we let them do that!).

Brady demanding "Mom! STOP talking to Dad" (which he didn't get away with) all because he couldn't wait 2 seconds for a damn bagel. Hungry little stinker.

Isn't it fun when they start talking in full sentences? Until they start arguing with you, then it isn't so much...

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