Monday, December 22, 2008

I am not losing my mind

I have received several calls & emails regarding my letter to the editor that appeared in the Bonner County Daily Bee on Sunday and no, I haven't lost my mind. My meds just seem to be working overtime.

To catch you up (if you don't live in snowy Sandpoint), last week in the midst of blizzard #2 we arrived home to find that one of our neighbors had gone down the street and not only plowed out everyone's driveway where the county plow left a burm taller than your average 8 year old child, but also plowed the ENTIRE driveway for us.

I was so moved by this gesture of kindness that I sent a letter to the editor about how wonderful it is to live in a community where people help others without expecting anything in return, and without even telling you who they are.

Not all all like Boise where we used to live. I remember the month prior to Kaylee's birth Mark tore his achilles tendon in half playing basketball (more on that in another blog) and as luck would have it we actually had snow that winter. A LOT.

Thankfully Mark purchased some Sorel boots for my giant prego-feet so I was able to wear them outside to shovel our driveway in all my 9-month-miserably-pregnant-swollen-feet-wish-I-had-a-trampoline-so-I-can-jump-this-big-damn-baby-out-but-instead-I'll-eat- spicy-thai-food-and drink-margaritas-glory.

I distinctly remember some of my neighbors watching the spectacle of me trying to maneuver 10 1/2 pounds worth of baby in my belly around a shovel to move snow out of the way so I could drive my husband to the hospital for surgery. They literally stood and watched.

They never came over and offered to help, no sirree, I really think they were placing bets on when I would either A) fall on my ass or B) go into labor.

So truly, life in a small town has its advantages. They may be few, but they are wonderful.


la maestra said...

crappy weather vs. friendly neighbors. Still planning a move to warmer climates?

Anonymous said...



Deena said...

See?? You can't move. Where else does that happen?! Wish someone would have done that for us!

Hey, will you be back in town on New Year's Day? Email me.

Anonymous said...

See..this is why you don't want to move away!! Sandpoint is awesome!