Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Cat's Meow

We have a new, but TEMPORARY, addition to our family: Spot the cat (named by Kaylee). Yesterday morning I was in Kaylee's room "helping" her get dressed (meaning I was putting clothes on a perfectly capable almost 5 year old because I am an enabler) when I heard some interesting noises.

At first I thought maybe she was farting, then I thought she was making funny noises with her mouth. But THEN I realized I heard a cat making very sad and desperate little meows outside on Kaylee's deck.

She obviously saw the light on in the room and figured we'd take pity on her, which we did. I ended up letting her run around for a little bit (until Mark caught us) so I had to put her back outside. I put out some cheese, water and (I had no clue what else to do) some oatmeal with water. She chowed on the cheese but kind of ignored the oatmeal.

I finished getting ready and checked on the kitty and noticed that magically someone had put a can of tuna out for her. So Mark really felt bad for her and scolded me for giving it oatmeal! When we came home yesterday I grabbed the mail while Mark waited in the van with the kids (our 4 wheel drive vehicle is in the shop and of course it is snowing AGAIN) and I noticed him grinning and pointing.

Little Spot ran straight into the garage like she owns the place and was waiting for us purring and meowing as we pulled in. I picked her up and she was so happy, kneading my coat, letting the kids pet her fur every which way (poor thing is obviously starved for attention!) and even Mark seemed to enjoy her company.

Before you go thinking Mark has a cold, black little heart when it comes to cats, he is a little nervous from a past attack by a barn cat when he was a kid. Who wouldn't be suspicious of a cat after something like that? Perhaps with a little animal therapy he'll start to trust our feline friends again.

So for now we are keeping her on our back deck as the animal shelter is over capacity with pets. She is clearly a sweet, loving indoor pet that was either abandoned or lost. So if anyone lost an adorable little tabby cat with "spots" in the Sagle area, let me know! Otherwise I will donate her to the Sagle Fire Station.......

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