Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have a little pride, people!

This morning I made a quick trip to Walmart for supplies for a big event tomorrow night. I am pretty sure when I got there that cart wasn't sitting in front of my driver's side door and I am fairly certain that I didn't empty my ash tray out and dump about 25 cigarette butts onto the pavement.

The thing that most irks me about the cart is that I parked ONE PARKING spot away from the cart rack. So the asshole that left the cart next to my door was just too damn lazy to walk around his rust bucket vehicle to put it where it belongs.

And to the same asshole whole was too out of breath from smoking that he couldn't return his cart, thanks a lot for dumping your trash out so that I could step on your filth while moving the cart away from my door so I could get in my van. Guess he needed to make room for the next carton of cigarettes he just purchased to chain smoke in his car.

Seriously, I implore us all to extend a little common courtesy, even if you're at Walmart. Put-yer-stinkin-cart away and by all means, if you find it necessary to empty your ash tray, use one of the garbage cans they have out there, don't just leave a mess for someone else to step on. Then again, why would I be surprised that someone shopping at Walmart would do such a thing anyway?

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la maestra said...

RIGHT ON SISTER! Freaking lazy bastards need to get up off their duffs and have a little respect for the world! Strying shopping carts is a huge annoyance.