Monday, April 30, 2012

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Do you ever feel like you need your own personal 007 spy style mini-voice recorder?  Like installed in my eye glasses or something.  Hell, I've got bifocals now, what's another gizmo added to them going to matter?

Mostly I need this kind of gadget because clearly I need to just have certain things recorded and ready to play at any given time.  I want one that you can program to play certain things at certain times, like "Go brush your teeth."  You could pre-record everything, set the timer and then save your voice.

This is how our morning goes, does it sound familiar to you too?  Five minutes of "brush your teeth!" followed by another five minutes of "go brush them again" because they still have that same hair-curling-ice-melting-did-a-cat-crap-in-your-mouth morning breath after their cursory 30 second swab of their gum tissue.  Note that at least 10 minutes were spent in front of the mirror HOLDING the toothbrush, but 9.5 of them were spent making faces at themselves.

Then another fun five minutes of "put on your shoes, coat and backpack" followed by about two panicked minutes of "hurry and put your shoes, coat and backpack because it's time to go" followed by one simple "I'm leaving now" as you jump in the car, back down the driveway and watch your kids come unhinged thinking you're actually leaving them at home.  Alone.  Again.

After school time is equally awesome with several verses of "get your homework out", followed by the "I'll help you with your math but I'm not going to do it for you" refrain, and not to be forgotten the "put your homework in your homework folder" crescendo.

But not to be outdone, our nighttime routine includes a gentle reprise of the brush your teeth melody from the morning, with a splash of "put your dirty clothes in the hamper" phrasing for fun.  I really think there is money to be made on some type of device like this.  Imagine, sipping your coffee in peace while your wrist watch yells at the kids for you.  Relax with that nice glass of red wine while your eyeglasses do all the work.

Honestly, it feels like groundhog day.  EVERY day.  I know we have the technology, we just need someone to put it together.  There's got to be an app for that, right?  RIGHT?!

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Smith Family said...

LOL, I was just talking with a friend about this at the gym this morning. How many times to I need to say "brush your teeth" before it actually happens? Sheesh. Go ahead and createt that app, I'll buy one!