Friday, June 27, 2008

Healing the sick

Tell me how it is that as mothers we can be sicker than sick (and I mean not even able to stand up straight and keep food down sick) and still somehow manage to 1) care for ourselves, 2) fold laundry, and 3) attend to children? And when our husbands fall ill, we wait on them hand and foot?

Honestly. Please someone explain this phenomenon to me. Of course after I had the flu my husband had the nerve to get sick too, damn him anyway. But THEN he was so funny about it.

"Can you turn the baby monitor off for me please" (he needed to scoot or roll over like a foot). "Can you bring me some toast?" (I got my own food thank you very much). "Will you take my clothes off for me?" which he had to be out of his mind, because you and I both know that as soon as I got to his pants he would get a boner, raise his eyebrows a couple of times and say, "So while you're down there......" AS IF! EW!

When I'm sick I can't even think about brushing my own teeth, let alone getting it on. How can he be incapable of getting a frickin' glass of water and yet has the energy to have sex? It doesn't add up folks. I wonder, could he have been breast fed too long, or toilet trained to early? There HAS to be a reason for this.

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