Monday, June 30, 2008

I've got the Monday blues

Who doesn't love a good monday morning? Oh wait, there's no such thing! Today I am a sleep-deprived, overly caffeinated, stressed out woman with no air conditioning in the office. I am a few steps away from going completely insane.

It all started at about 1:30 am with "mommy. MOMMY. MOM-E!" I opened my eyes to see my four year old, morning breath and all, RIGHT in my face. "You didn't bring my blankets in. You PROMISED!"

I opened 1 eye, grabbed her cold little hand and steered her back to bed, showed her the damn blankets that she didn't see 'cause I don't know, it was DARK in her room? I tucked her in and stumbled back to bed.

3am: "Mommy. MOMMY. MOM-E! Can I sleep with you?" I did a no-no, I let her climb up in bed and promptly passed out. Fast forward to 6:15am with Mark shoving me out of bed with his foot, deftly avoiding our sleeping daughter who, of course, had personally commanded 75% of the real estate available on our mattress.

Then I came to work, our sprinklers are broken and the grass is dying, the septic tank was malfunctioning (a $300 repair bill) and no air conditioning and it is as hot & muggy as I have ever experienced in this town.

Last summer I worked somewhere with air conditioning, and often thought, "Amazing how cold hell can be" and here I am in my new job, in the heat and while I would most likely not go back to the air conditioned office of my previous employer, I certainly do have a sense of how hot hell can really be.

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la maestra said...

Oh good LORD you make me laugh! Excellent blog Amy!