Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am an enabler

Is there a support group out there, kind of like Alcoholics Anonymous, just for enablers? Hi, my name is Amy and I am an enabler. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. There is tremendous wisdom in that.

So, here's the situation. It is entirely impossible to get the kids ready and out of the house on time. EVER. Because of this, we tend to "help" our children get ready, particularly the older one because while she is capable, she isn't exactly willing. It boils down to getting to work on time OR allowing her to get herself ready. You do the math.

Monday mornings are particularly rough, as was this past Monday. I spent the better part of the morning puking and squirting poop while my husband (bless him) tried to wrangle the hoodlums and get them out the door. In between leaking from both ends I laid on the floor with my pants down (I cut off circulation to my hands bending over on the toilet so I couldn't even pull my pants up) and I could hear the crying, carrying on, fussing, and that was just my husband.

I finally pulled myself together and wandered out of the bathroom hunched over just in time to hear my husband telling Kaylee (VERY firmly) that she is FOUR YEARS OLD. AND FOUR YEAR OLDS CAN GET THEMSELVES READY FOR SCHOOL. Basically, he issued an ultimatum that she's responsible for doing it all and whatever she doesn't get done is how she goes to school. End of story. I was also reprimanded for enabling. Which I deserved.

In any case, this tactic appears to have worked. Tuesday morning was like a dream. She willingly fed herself (yes, she's four and I should be ashamed at this point), dressed herself, brushed her teeth and even attempted her hair! I couldn't believe it. Yesterday, more of the same.

Today, we started over again. Crap. Now what, the age old parental tactic of bribery? We'll see...

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