Friday, April 10, 2009

'Fess Up Fridays

In honor of the last Friday of Lent (also known as Good Friday) I am starting a new series:

Welcome to 'Fess Up Fridays, courtesy of Mr. Linky (you are gonna love this)!

My confession: Last night at Zips Drive-In (yes, mother of the year here bought fast food for dinner for the kids, but only really healthy corn dogs, french fries with a tootsie pop for dessert) and I ALMOST had exact change, I was only missing three pennies. I scrounged around my purse, cupholders and the car mats and found three pennies. One of them had a chocolate chip stuck to it (at least it LOOKED like one) and I gave it to the lady at the window so I didn't have to use the credit card. She quickly switched it out to a "clean" penny (I think she didn't believe me that it was chocolate, but in her defense it did kinda look like a terd).

Now it's YOUR turn for 'Fess Up Friday. Blog your confession for today and then post a link (with a comment) where it says "Mister Linky" and 'Fess Up Fridays. Can't wait to read all those confessions. If we confess, that means the Easter Bunny will bring us something right?

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PinkAcorn said...

Just found your blog from I dont' have much to confess at the moment... I'm sure there will be plenty by weeks end. Great blog!