Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life in a northern town

I finally figured it out. I figured out what my issue is. (well, one of the many that is) Life in a small town, for me, is a challenge. I often make fun of Sandpoint and its quirks...but in all reality I know now that it isn't Sandpoint that I don't like.

After all, what isn't to like about living smack dab between a giant mountain and a gorgeous lake? Why wouldn't you love the easy access to outdoor activities? Honestly, that is my favorite thing.

But yesterday I had a short drive out to Dover, all by myself. No sweet little kiddos to talk to, no Imagination Mover's CD to disturb my thoughts. Just me and the road. And the traffic.

Yes, I said traffic. And by traffic, I don't mean the quantity, because let's face it, we don't have a lot. It was the pace. Slow.

That is my issue. The pace of life. Things are slow, a "take it easy mentality." A feeling of "oh well, no worries" if something isn't on time. Why on earth would that bother me? Because it gives me time to think about all that I am missing out on.

In a city, everything is at a much faster pace. Hurry here, hurry there, get it done, make it happen. There's no time to reflect until bedtime, and then you're so exhausted you pass out asleep as your head hits the pillow. And why on earth would someone want to live that way?

Because you don't have time to sit back and realize that someone else spends more time with your kids that you do.

You don't think about the fact that despite your best efforts to the contrary, work puts itself in the front of the line and your family loses the race sometimes.

You don't have time to cry because you had to go to a 7 am meeting and you didn't get to see your kids.

You don't have time to realize that you haven't even taken an entire week off to spend as a family just because.

You don't have the opportunity to dwell on the fact that now is the only time to really spend time with your kids because one day they'll be in school, playing with friends all the time, in sports, and quite frankly they won't want your time.

But they do now.

And that is what occupies my thoughts in this town, every day.

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