Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dear Dog Owners in my Neighborhood:

Thank you so much to those of you who let your dogs roam free in our neighborhood. Since we don't have any pets of our own we appreciate it when your dogs decide to use our grass as their personal toilet.

My husband and I were just saying how much we wished that we could have a pet and clean up dog poop on a regular basis. Thanks to you, we have the privilege without all the additional cost and hassle of feeding, watering and vet bills. That is really great, we get the easy part of pet ownership.

We also truly enjoy all the yellow spots your dogs are leaving in our luscious green lawn. We only put the turf builder on there and paid a lot of money to have someone groom it in the spring to green it up for your four legged friends anyway.

And thanks to you, we get to play this really fun game with the kids: "What shape is that?" Sometimes the little yellow dead grass pee spots look like a letter, most recently the letter F. We are hoping your dog can't spell and we don't find a u, c or a k this week.

FYI, our daughter is perfectly capable of sounding out words now though, so if your dog is that talented, please try & convince it to spell FUN or something a little more family-friendly.

The kids do enjoy having domesticated animals running around our yard as well, so we are very appreciative that you haven't invested in a fence to keep them in your own yard. We would miss them so. After all, why take the time to put them on a leash and take them for a walk or invest in a pesky fence or dog run when they can just run around unsupervised to get their exercise and fresh air.

We are actually considering doing that with our children. Unfortunately they wouldn't leave little brown smelly land mines or pee in your grass so I don't know how much you would enjoy having them in your yard. On the other hand, your yard probably doesn't have dog crap in it, so it's probably easier for them to play in. Hope you won't mind having them around.


Your favorite neighbors


Anonymous said...

Hahah LOVED your letter..wouldn't you just LOVE to be able to send it around to all the neighbors??? I am only willing to clean up after my dog.. nobody elses. I do think you should send your kids over - that is an excellent idea! :O) Oh the Dover bike path!! Ugh........ :O( YUCK!

Amy Little said...

I remember last winter after all the snow melted the sheer volume and stench of dog crap on the long bridge was almost unbearable! BLECH!

Anonymous said...

That's as bad as our neighbors letting their horses run free just because it open range where I live...talk about a responsible pet owners....

Amy Little said...

Well on the up side, horse poop is supposed to be great for your garden. So as long as you have one, they thing they're doing you a favor! I will say I will take the dogs over horses any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Not that I don't love those hey-burners, but a couple of dog terds is easier to clean up than a pile of horse apples....