Monday, August 3, 2009

Ode to Coffee

My eyes don't open, my mouth barely speaks
Until I feel your warm steam on my cheeks.

That first cup of java just smells so great
When getting out of bed I can hardly wait.

One pack of splenda, a little carmel cream
Wakes me up from my crappy work dream.

I love to wrap my hands on that mug
If I could I would drink you by the jug.

What would I do without thee, o coffee?
Without you, there's no morning pee.

You make me much more tolerable to most
And you taste great with my morning toast.

So warm & delicious coffee I love you,
Thankfully I'm at work for my morning poo.

Kona, Cuban, and fine French Roast blend,
Makes no difference to me, you're all my best friend.

Regular, espresso and even french press
I love them all, no favorite I guess.

I'd take it by vein or catheter too,
But hot in a mug is how I prefer you.

The faster it comes the happier I am
Just ask the kids and husband, my poor little fam!

Now, dearest coffee, I must bid you adeiu,
Until 6am when I will definitely see you.


mhollif said...

That is so true, I love it!

Mom That Makes Cents said...

YOu are a total crackup!! Love it!