Friday, August 28, 2009

OMG - you can get money back


Holy cow batman! I am shocked shocked shocked! My friend Deena turned me on to this site where you get cash back for purchases. And I get cash back when people sign up (who also get cash back). I kind of thought it was a joke, but it isn't.

I am going to get $23 in November, but maybe even more, just for buying stuff through the site. I have pretty much just bought restaurant gift certificates for local restaurants, which has allowed me to save money AND get cash back. (you need to also sign up for

By the time November rolls around and I get my check, think of how much booze and happy pills I can buy with my rebate check! YEAH baby!

The best part? Both sites are FREE TO SIGN UP.

And yesterday, because of Deena, I saved $50 bucks on a $100 grocery purchase at Safeway. I was on such a high, it was actually almost better than sex. Almost.

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Mom That Makes Cents said...

$50 off your Safeway purchases? Good job! You might have to tell me about that one!!! :-)