Friday, September 25, 2009

How to tell if you have the Swine Flu or not

I received an email from my Dad today. Unfortunately he's been ill this week and was concerned that he may have the Swine Flu. But, he indicated that he was pretty sure it wasn't, as he has a fail safe test. He said, and I quote: "I didn't have the urge to roll around in the dirt or become a lawyer" so he was positive it was just a normal virus.


Mom That Makes Cents said...

Love it!

Sassy Texas Redhead said...

On the serious side of that...if you have the flu (rapid flu test will tell you.) most likely it is the H1N1 (formerly known as swine).
It is wayyy too early in the year for seasonal flu. I could go on for days about flu...its what I do for a living! LOL
And so I will now step off my public health soapbox!!! hehe!!

la maestra said...

niiiiice dad. niiiice!

Amy Little said...

Uh oh! We need to really spread the message about this stuff....I do appreciate the serious side now and again, truly! But he said he's better so hoping he didn't spread the plague around! :)