Monday, September 28, 2009

Teeth whitening, really not the first thing to address

Do you ever see those funky little side ads on different pages that you browse? Today I saw one advertising how to whiten teeth without bleach.

I'm thinkin' maybe putting that one tooth back in her mouth (or closing the gap, it's hard to tell) might be the first order of business.

Then the second one probably needs to visit the dentist and get that cavity taken care of. Priorities, people!


la maestra said...

I thought that was a diamond on her tooth in the second picture. If that was the case then I would understand not whitening, gotta care for the tooth bling properly!

Angela said...

Funny Aim! You should turn that one in to Consumer Reports for their back page of humorous ads. It's my favorite part!!

rdokoye said...

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