Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I wonder about my children

Why do I have to repeat myself 8,000 times?  I understand in marketing you have to make a lot of impressions before people take note, but really when I'm screaming don't cross the street there's a car coming, well you'd think they might take notice.

Why do they seem to argue over the dumbest shit like they're Heidi & Spencer Pratt?  Legos, race tracks, barbie books, etc. 

Do they really not understand that orange and purple or stripes and polka dots go together like Tiger Woods and being faithful?  The crap these kids pick out to wear is unblievable (and slightly embarassing)!

What possible reason do they have to be awake before 7 am?  What possible reason does ANYONE have to be awake before 7am???

How can they possibly think that telling me NO is a good idea?  Or do they just WANT me to lock them in their rooms.  Oh yes, I did.

Who in their right mind would ever jump from the couch to the chair to the other couch back to the chair over the end table and NOT expect to injure themselves?

How is it possible that they have developed such a well timed sense of comedic timing?  EX:  for the 8,000 time I ask Brady if he's brushed his teeth and he finally answers "affirmative".  The kid iss FOUR years old.  Oh, and he thought to explain to me what the definition is: "that means YES mom".  Oh gee, thanks.

Why do they look so sweet and adorable when they're sleeping?  I know all they're doing is dreaming up how they can make me completely crazy tomorrow.  Dang them!


Rambling Housewife said...

They are part you:) It all makes perfect sense to me!!

Sweyo said...

I am sure it is payback from something you did to your parents!

Sunlover Mom said...

Yeah, baby!