Friday, August 27, 2010

Save the drama for your mama!

Yesterday afternoon Kaylee started complaining of pain in her stomach.  First she thought she was hungry but was unable to decide what to eat.  She was fussing and complaining "I need some food Mo-om!" but every option I gave her was unappealing.  So the longer she went without a snack, the higher in pitch and more whiny she became. 

I asked her to show me where her belly hurt, as clearly the situation was escalating once I gave her buttered bread and she had two bites before crying even louder.  She pointed to her left side and at first I was really concerned as quickly as the pain came on.  I asked her if she thought I should take her to the doctor, but she said no because she didn't want a shot.  At this point I figured she probably just had a lot of gas, but you never know so I thought I would get some more information.

I dragged her into the office and jumped on Web MD, but in the meantime she was REALLY crying, complaining, whining, and basically acting like there was an alien attempting to exit her body.  Web MD was GREAT because I could ask her all kinds of questions about her symptoms and basically narrowed it down to two options:  constipation or gas.  Awesome.

She climbed up on my lap and was doubled over and said "I knew this day would come!  I'm dying!"  and I have to tell you I was laughing and stifling my laughter so hard I almost peed a little, and tears were rolling down my cheeks.  This whole display was really oscar-worthy I tell you.

I laid her on the couch and instructed her to pull her knees up to her chest.  Just like magic, suddenly the pain began to dissipate.  Eventually we wandered back to the kitchen, the scene of the crime, and she climbed up on the wooden bar stool.  Which was fabulous.  Because wood is the best thing for amplifying the sound of the loudest and longest FARTS I have ever heard from a 6 year old child in my LIFE. 

Another day, another problem solved, another academy award for Kaylee.

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Anonymous said...

Fogive me, forgive from the bottom of my heart; if it would of come from the other end, if would have been a....whoops, this is excatly what it was! Good chuckle theraphy for me today! ~ Lisa A.