Monday, October 8, 2012

My Runner Bucket List

OK, I have to admit I feel like this HUGE weight has been lifted from my shoulders, now that I've come clean about the fact that I am addicted to running. 

So, you have to know that many of my posts will be running related, just because I'm obsessed with them.  Just like I'm obsessed with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Nike running apparel, my daughter's grades and the fact that my son has red hair.  Where the hell did that come from?  I just don't.  Know.

In my fever-induced fantasy yesterday (I was DREAMING that I could go running, if that isn't obsessed I don't know what is) I created a list, a BUCKET list if you will, of races I want to run before I kick the old, proverbial bucket.

1.  Hood to Coast Relay.  Fingers crossed that our Twisted Sisters team gets an entry.  If not I'll just keep dreaming of the day.

2.  Spokane to Sandpoint Relay.  Even if they did take out the rollercoaster ride, I'm STILL in.  It is SO PRETTY UP THERE!!!

3.  A half marathon.  Any half marathon.  Hoping to cross that off the list this weekend at Girlfriend's in the 'Couve but this cold has KICKED.  MY.  ASS.  I may have to wait until the Holiday Half, which happens to be scheduled the day before my complete hysterectomy and final breast reconstruction surgery has been scheduled.  But, as always, I strive for Bad Ass Mother Runner status, so you can bet your best running shoes I'll be running in that half.  Just watch me.

4.  The Scenic Half Marathon.  This one is in GORGEOUS Sandpoint, ID and I was working for the Chamber of Commerce when this race was formed.  I would LOVE to go and run it, since I was injured I didn't get to run the inaugural race.  I'm still a little bit bitter about that.  Just a lil' bit.

5.  I want to do a sprint triathlon.  I am planning to do the Wahine All Women's sprint tri next summer.  This was the one I missed because it was two weeks after my mastectomy and you better believe I'm going to do it next year and I'm gonna kill it.  Just sayin'.

6.  I want to do a full triathlon.  Not that I'm in any hurry to do one, really I'm not.  Maybe in a couple of years.  I want to try the sprint and see if I live.  Then, we'll think about the big one.

7.  DESINATION HALF:  I'm taking suggestions on this one, but I want to do a destination half marathon someplace awesome that is really really fun.  One that requires an actual plan ride (preferably on Alaska Airlines, they give you free booze), girlfriends only and a hotel.  Ideas?

8.  I want to run the Shamrock 15K in 2013.  It will be a mere 3 months after my big ol' hysterectomy, but I'm not blowing smoke up your running skirt when I tell you that I will run it.  I'm not going to run it for time, oh no sirree, I am only running it for the beer opener medal and the bragging rights that will come with running it 3 months after major surgery.  I only hope this doesn't become a habit for me.  Big surgery, three months, big run, more surgery.  6 months of this year show that's a trend, dammit.

9.  Finally, I just want to PR the SHIT out of every race I do next year.  I'll pretty much be running 5K and 10Ks, and the occasional half marathon all next year.  And at least one sprint tri.

I don't have a #10 on my list.  I'm not going to add a marathon on there, not this year, maybe not ever.  I'll leave that to REAL runners, not weekend warriors like myself.  And I'm not going to even entertain the possibility of an ironman or half ironman (I would likely die).

No, I'm content to just keep running and be glad that I can.  And, of course, to cross off my runner's bucket list races. 

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