Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Mile 1:  I realized this weekend that my goal of running 13.1 before I turn 40 is not going to happen.  And I lost my schmidt.  I wouldn't say I was inconsolable, but pretty close to it. 

Mile 2:  I find that interesting that one year ago I would have passed out running 2.5 miles and now I run that for a warm up.

Mile 3:  And I also find it funny that not being able to run a half marathon is so devastating to me.  A big part of that is that damn Tamoxifen.  Tami has been a regular guest in our home, and this weekend she moved in with ALL HER BAGGAGE.  It was a tough visit.

Mile 4:  After not running Girlfriends I was really looking forward to the Holiday Half on Dec. 16.  Turns out that is the day before my next health half marathon, the 6 hour surgery I will endure to get my new fake boobs and have all my girly parts removed. 

Mile 5:  Yeah, running 13.1 the day before was probably not going to be a wise choice on my part.  So I sold my bib and cried.  A LOT.

Mile 6:  For me, it isn't about the running.  It isn't about being able to say I ran 13.1.  It's about accomplishing something I set out to do. 

Mile 7:  I hate leaving goals unreached.  I almost never do.  Letting go of a goal is admitting defeat, and that's not something I take lightly.

Mile 8:  So in the midst of all my crazy tamoxifen induced blubbering I had a sort of epiphany.  My kids have school on my birthday.  I don't.  November 9 is my free pass to run that 13.1.  As long as I get it done before 11:05 am, technically I can cross that off my goal sheet.

Mile 9:  So I convinced my BRF Cyndie Pelto into mapping 13.1 for us and running it with me (she was easy to convince) and my other good friend Audrey to watch Cyndie's kids. 

Mile 10:  I'm making us race bibs, Amy's inaugural 40th birthday half marathon bib. 

Mile 11:  I think the kids will string some toilet paper for me across the street and ring some cowbells when we round the corner.

Mile 12:  So while I won't get a medal, and I won't have an official time recorded from an official race, I'm running MY half, with MY BRF on MY 40th birthday and couldn't be more excited.

Mile 13:  I'm putting a lid on my 30's, the best and worst decade of my life by running out all the good, all the bad, all the ugly from 2002-2012, once again leaving it all on the pavement.

Mile .1:  And when I'm done, I'll be 40.  And I can't wait.


Liz said...

LOVE it!! Can others participate or come out to cheer you on?

Amy Little said...

But of course! That would be amazing. I might cry though. A LOT! :) XOXO

Stephanie said...

Good for you! I cannot wait to see pics of you finishing your first half marathon!

Liz Storn said...

What a brilliant idea! Way to make the best of a not idea situation!

Sunlover Mom said...

Amy, you continue to make me proud! Go Baby Girl!