Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Only at Walmart

I need to add a section to this blog that is just "stupid people who drive vans". However, I also drive a van so I hesitate, but only slightly.

Yesterday's smoking mom in a van would be entry #1 and today would be pot smoking old man in a van.

Seriously. I left my windows open a crack just to keep some fresh air a-flowing while I purchased some supplies for work. When I came back this creepy old chester-the-molester dude was sitting in his van smoking pot. Yes, POT.

Now I am NO expert but I know it didn't smell like cigarettes and it s ure didn't look like a cigarette. MOM & DAD AVOID THIS NEXT SENTENCE (I am only saying this to protect myself from my parents who would likely pass out if they knew I knew the difference!)

So I get in my van and the damn thing smells like pot in there. He's sitting there with his doors open, toking out waving his hand around like its going to help the smell disappear. All he's doing is pushing it into MY van. I have children's car seats in the back for God's sake. I kept thinking what an idiot, you would think he'd notice the seats, and what if I did have my kids with me?

But then, if you look at the situation intelligently, it is pretty clear that anyone who would drive their van to walmart, light up a marijuana cigarette and smoke it with the doors wide open IN THE PARKING LOT, probably doesn't have the notion to think to worry about children.

Only at Walmart, only in north Idaho. I guess on the upside, it wasn't crack.

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