Friday, March 20, 2009

More of life's ironies

I have 504 MB of RAM on my computer. It sucks. So I finally got approval to buy a new computer for work and guess what? I can't even successfully load most webpages with computer offers or side by side comparisons. I have no freaking clue how to do this without doing some research and making sure I get a good deal.

You might think I could just go home and look it up on my laptop. But there's where you would be wrong. It got a virus, I took it to a shop and got it back Wednesday night (after it sat there done for two days without a call telling us it was done) then discovered yesterday while I was home sick that the computer itself is still sick and suffering from a virus. Called the repair shop and they can't get to it again until they have no idea when. God I love small town customer service.

So for now I'll hump along with T-Rex the Compaq Presario from 5 years ago and hope that eventually the service peeps can get to my laptop. Until then, you'll be able to hear me cussing for miles around.

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