Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mother of the Year Alert!

This DEFINITELY qualifies me for mother of the year award. I am not one of those mom's who likes to "explain things" and "reason" with my children. Nope. I'd rather pull my toenails out or listen to Barry Manilow records on repeat.

"Talking" to your children and "explaining" what they have done wrong is about as useful as the udders on the man-cows in the movie "Barnyard". Know what I'm sayin'?

So rather than explain OVER AND OVER to Kaylee that wiping her dirtly little mitts on her clothes while eating A) makes a mess, B) might stain her clothes and C) is kind of uncouth we figured that the quicker way to modify that behavior would be to institute a "Strip Dining" policy in our house.

Every time she wipes her hands on anything other than a napkin she has to remove an article of clothing. That was Tuesday night and she got down to her socks & undies. Last night? Didn't remove a stitch.

I should write a parenting book with tips and tricks like these. She'll write one someday about how not to parent, I'm pretty sure. Or she'll spend copious amounts of money on therapy. But hey, at least she's using a freaking napkin.


mhollif said...

Must depend on the children because my nieces love to be naked and would find this a reward! :)

la maestra said...

I wonder if I can get Brian to adopt this policy. :)

Sunlover Mom said...

Holy crap! And you complain because I gave you an uneaten McDonalds hamburger the next day because you only ate the fries?

Too frickin' funny!

Amy Little said...

I also still complain that you made me wear my ski gloves at the dinner table to keep me from playing with my hair. So you wonder where I come up with this stuff, eh Mom??