Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's that time of the year again....

Yes folks, it's time for college football.  The one time of the year that Mark looks forward to more than his birthday, more than Christmas, more than a day off from work.  I sense that his excitement level is the same as an 18 year old on prom night whose date is a "sure thing".

It's a throwback to the good old days of anticipation, wondering, waiting, hoping, and pouncing on his Christmas presents with sheer, unadulterated joy.  Instead of asking his parents "how many days until Christmas" I hear "guess how many days until college football?" on a near daily basis.  Then, at the 24 hour mark, it's "guess how many hours until kick off!?"

I must confess, my enthusiasm for college football season is similar to that of going to the dentist:  I dread it just a little bit, but I know in the end it's good for me, and with any luck it passes by quickly and relatively painlessly.  I wish I shared his enthusiasm, I really do.  College football means the TV doesn't get a day off for nearly 5 months straight, the poor thing.

It isn't that I hate watching football either, I enjoy it, but would much rather do it in person.  Get it over with in an afternoon rather than an entire weekend, beginning sometimes on Thursday night!  Mostly I feel bad for Mark because I simply cannot bring myself to look forward to watching football.  At.  All. 

I would imagine that the way I feel about college football is strikingly similar to the level of anticipation he feels when he hears the words "Hey, let's take the kids shopping, they need some new clothes" or "Is it OK if I host a Pampered Chef Party at our house?" 

It's one of those things we'll probably never share an affinity for.  It's a sport I never played, barely understood, and one that I don't think I can ever truly love the same way Mark can.  I am sure he'd give anything for a wife that puts on his favorite team's jersey, brings him cold beers all day and provides and endless supply of potato chips and chili dip.

And, as I'm typing this, he's in the other room watching ESPN college football preview.  The ONLY thing that makes pregame worth watching is my fantasy boyfriend Herbie.  Thank you ESPN for hiring some eye candy in the form of Kirk Herbstreit so those of us college football widows have SOMETHING to look forward to. 

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Abbey said...

Amen and amen!