Friday, September 2, 2011

One for the books

We have some basic rules in our house.  Things like if Mom or Dad says no, the answer is no.  The kids aren't allowed to ride their bikes past a certain point around the corner because we can't see them.  Don't take food without asking a parent.  Keep food in the kitchen not on the brand new carpet, and don't give food to your friends without asking me first and them asking their parents first.  This rule is the most important because not only should parents always sign off on what their kids eat, we have a sweet little neighbor girl with a peanut allergy and you have to be careful and read labels.  And, um, Brady can't read labels.  YET.

However, I think Brady had an AWESOME day yesterday because he literally ignored all those rules and did whatever the hell he wanted to.  It started out when I found him trying to sneak back in the house with a bag of mini-marshmallows that he "shared" with a buddy in the backyard.  I kid you not, when he saw me, he said "Uh oh..." so yeah he knew he was totally busted.

Next I watched him ride around the corner and silly me I assumed he was stopped as far as he was allowed to go.  When he didn't come back right away I went looking for him and I didn't see him.  Panic set in.....I started yelling for him and prepared to go find him in the car, which sadly I've had to do before......

He finally pulled in the driveway, and luckily for him, his buddy sold him out and told me how far they rode their bikes.....I do hope it was worth it.

Then, throughout the day he asked probably a half dozen times if the same friend could go in the house.  At least a half dozen times I told him no, because we needed to keep the house clean for a visit by the Grandparents and for Pete's sake it's really nice outside you should be playing OUTSIDE!!!

And yet, after the final ask and final NO, I saw them go around to the back yard.  PHEW.  Well, the back door was unlocked, why wouldn't it be anyway, and by the time I figured out that they had gone inside not only had they totally destroyed the bonus room upstairs, but they were standing on the carpeted steps eating go-gurts!!!!!

Oh but the fun doesn't end there folks!  Let me just tally this up for you, just to be sure you're caught up:
1.  Ignored mom and let a friend in the house
2.  Gave friend mini-marshmallows which he didn't ask me about and KNOWS I would have said no! (and I'm pretty sure that friend didn't ask his mom first either!!!!)
3.  Rode his bike way too far, past the point he is allowed
4.  Ate food all over the new carpet

And daughter went into the fridge looking for a vanilla yogurt snack and Brady casually says, "we're all out of vanilla" which I said is impossible because I bought four containers just the day before.  Then, his eyes double in size, he slapped his little thieving hand over his mouth and whispered in the most deathly afraid voice "The yogurt!"  What about the yogurt says I?  The little monkey just ran outside and brought in FIVE containers of yogurt, two empty, one half eaten and two that were never opened.  Five yogurts for two little boys?

Yeah, so why were there five containers of yogurt outside?  Thoughtful little fella shared yogurt, go-gurt and mini-marshmallows with the same kid.  I must apologize to his mother, I'm pretty sure the poor kid didn't eat any dinner what with all the food my son so generously gave him! 

Words cannot begin to describe how mad I was last night.  And, I still am.  But since we have a LOT of cleaning to do today, I'll just put the little fella to work.  Hope he can run a vacuum.  And use a mop.  And scrub a toilet......

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Smith Family said...

Had to laugh, sounds just like my house. And I don't know about you guys, but when when my kids see dad eating a big, messy popsicle on the new sofa, which is located on the new carpet, they assume it's perfectly fine for them to partake as well. What they don't know as that everyone will get it trouble- even daddy!