Friday, September 23, 2011

Notes from the teacher

So it's three weeks into school, we've only just completed the second full week and honestly the first one doesn't count for Brady because they went half a day the first day, then a full day and had a weekend.  Why bother?  Just sayin'.

I knew my little red headed devil was perhaps going to be a bit more of a challenge, behaviorally speaking, in school.  I did not, however, bargain for four separate incidents in two weeks' time.  Really kid?

Not to mention the fact that the kid is a magnet for dirt and chocolate milk stains.  Who, in their right mind, decided that a white freaking polo shirt was an appropriate uniform selection for boys under the age of 10? 

Honestly, it's like asking a pathological liar to just tell the truth once in awhile: newsflash, it's not gonna happen.  Much like my five year old keeping his white shirt white.  I hope to hell I don't get a note sent home saying his white shirt has turned gray and I need to get him more shirts.  I'll freaking lose it.

Speaking of notes being sent home, just thought I'd bring this crazy train back around to the original thought pattern that started this mess.  Here's what I've had sent home:

Mrs. Little:  Today Brady refused to sit quietly during story time and keep his hands to himself during story time, after REPEATED warnings.  (I am totally not shitting you on the all caps) 

Mrs. Little:  Today Brady was pushing and shoving kids during clean up time.


Mrs. Little:  Today Brady and student XYZ (name changed to protect the guilty) kept hitting each other in the privates.

On the plus side, at least he's getting it out of his system now before it really hurts, and thank GOD it was another boy, but then on the other hand what the hell was he thinking?  The privates?  Is he training for Bullying 101?  Is there an entrance exam for that program?  Sheesh, next thing you know he'll be practicing wedgies and learning how to steal lunch money.

Holy cow batman, I had no idea he would be such a devil.  The kindy teacher has been teaching for 25 years and I'm willing to bet the last few have been spent looking for a reason to retire.  And now, she has it.  My kid.  Never been more proud......

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