Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things I may never understand...

I'll never understand a manufacturers uncanny ability to print coupons exactly 7 days after I have JUST purchased something I needed.  WITHOUT a coupon.  How DO they do that?  This week it was mustard.  I know it's cheap anyway, but I'm cheap so almost free is way better.  WTH.

I'll never understand my children's vast knowledge of Beyblades, the characters, their little "gangs" that they fight in and at the same time their total and complete inability to remember to do the simplest thing we've asked them to do within 30 seconds of the asking.  "Wash your hands for dinner" comes to mind, and they come downstairs with the greasiest most disgusting dirt caked mittens and look at me like I have two heads when I say "what were you DOING instead of washing your hands?"  Probably watching Beyblades, that's my guess.

I'll never understand why I can't get the attention of my children when they are in the bonus room to have a snack, but they hear the faint "click click click" of the computer keyboard and they suddenly materialize like they're on Star Trek and beg to use the computer.

I'll never understand why people advertising their business on THEIR CAR still drive like assholes.  No more needs to be said here.

I'll never understand how I uncannily choose the line at the grocery store that looks like it's the shortesrt and still end up being there longer than everyone else.  I'm gravitationally pulled to checkers-in-training I guess.  The force is strong with this one.

I'll never understand how I'm able to organize the kids' rooms in less than 3 hours, and it takes them 6 just to put their clean laundry away.

I'll never understand all the peace-be-with-you people at church who are the first to cut you off in traffic when we're all 10 minutes late to church.

And I'll never understand why my kids look soooooo darned adorable while they are sleeping, even after they fight like hell to go to sleep.

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