Friday, May 29, 2009

Clay VS Adam

Okay I have really avoided watching American Idol this year, but am at least aware enough to know that some gay dude came in second. Funny thing is everyone acts like the's the first ever gay dude to not win American idol. And they also act like he's the first gay dude EVER on the show.


Anyone remember Clay Aiken? Der! Like we all didn't know he was a homo the entire time he was on the show. And it's not like his closet gay-ness prevented him from winning, he just sucked a little more than Reuben Studdard.

That is what I find so amusing, that people would even remotely suggest that his gay-ness (and by the way he hasn't even confirmed it!) prevented him from winning the title. Give me a fricken break. I would bet that most of the voters are a bunch of fag hags anyway.

And I am not saying that being gay, not being gay, being gay and not admitting it, or being gay and knowing it but not wanting to tell a bunch of people is a big deal anyway. It's really not. Leave the poor kid alone.

Heck, he probably will have a better career than the winner anyways just like Clay Aiken. And what is up with their little cat fight? I bet they just totally love each other and can't admit it.

Go Away Diego, Go Away

Oddly enough I had a little extra time to sit on the couch with my children this morning and watch the tail end of quite possibly the most disturbing children's show on TV, next to Dora the Explorer.

First of all, there are a LOT of holes in the Diego cartoon series. How many children have a backpack that turns in to a jet pack, snowboard or canoe? Next time my kid is in an emergency situation I hope he doesn't start singing that stupid "back pack" song hoping it turns into something only MacGyver could dream up to save his ass.

Then he has this little baby jaguar sidekick. And he talks. And he actually rescued a mama bird and her two baby birdies from a nest. I don't know about you, but most jaguars I know would have made those birds a snack. Diego wouldn't be taking a picture of the cat & the birds for his rescue album, and the photo would be of the jaguar with some feathers stuck to the sides of his mouth.

I think the most annoying thing is that Diego repeats EVERYTHING, over and over and over. How many fricken times can you say "back pack" or "swim" or "flap your arms like a bird" with the most cheerful, happy and oddly nonsensical emphasis on the words?

Personally, I think Diego is on crack. No one is that enthusiastic and energetic all the time, nor would they imagine they could do half the things he does, unless they were under the influence of something. Now I REALLY wonder what is in his backpack...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Different kinds of milk

On the way to school today the kids each had a glass of milk (actually a sippy cup of milk but whatever).

We were talking about how good it was since they were given 2% instead of their normal nonfat. We talked about 2 %, whole milk, 1% and nonfat.

Kaylee mentioned they were drinking cows milk. As a follow up I asked what other kind of milk there was. Kaylee began listing off cow, goat and sheep.

Brady chimed in the following response: Chocolate!!

I have never been more proud, or more confident that he is my son.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cell phone ettiquette

What in the hell has happened in the last few years that we have completely forgotten the appropriate ettiquette for cell phones?

Years ago I attended a funeral and actually watched the son of the deceased answer his cell phone and then talk, YES TALK, on the phone during the service. While I don't condone or excuse this behavior, it was so long ago that cell phones weren't necessarily in the mainstream at that time so people really had no clue what was appropriate.

A few years and several million cell phones later, people started to adopt more appropriate standards with cell phones. But now I think we have reverted to some highly inappropriate bevavior.

Lately I have seen some very disturbing activities among cell phone users. No, I am not talking about "texting" or "sexting". I am referring to the basic common courtesy people have forgotten to extend to one another.

At two T-ball games in a row this week, the coach on the other team (2 games, 2 teams, 2 different people) not only had their cell phone on, but they answered it in the middle of the game, which coaching their team. And then to top it off, they had actual CON-VER-SA-TIONS. WTF?!?!

Then, today I attended a luncheon meeting. Honest to God, I can forgive you if you forget to turn your phone off and it rings and you look sheepish and grab it, turn it off and freaking apologize. Who hasn't made THAT mistake once or twice. What I cannot tolerate is this scenario:

Lady A's phone started ringing, and ringing and ringing. She checked it and just turned off the ring, not the phone. Then Dude B's phone rang, and rang, and rang. Lady A's phone rang again. Dude C's phone rang, then Dude B. Just when I thought people had it figured out, Dude C's phone rang again. These people were all withing 5 feet of one another.

And you know what Dude C said? "I just dont' know how to work this new phone." Surely you know where the freaking power button is. If you don't, you shouldn't have a cell phone, let alone a driver's license and a set of car keys.

I think the most amazing thing was that no one else in the room appeared to be in the least bit bothered. In fact, they all looked kind of amused. I think I was the only one in the room who looked like they just smelled an 8 month old partially thawed dog terd.

Perhaps that is what bothers me the most, that no one else seems to care about interrupting an important thing like I dunno, coaching your child, or a volunteer speaker, for the sake of finding out what the hell you're going to eat for dinner.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My mom would be proud!

As we have previously established, it takes very little to get me excited (though Mark may argue that point!). I printed some coupons the other day from a website that my friend Deena sent me. Deena's money savings skills are superior to anyone else I know.

Honestly, the woman knows how to make the grocery store pay HER to take something off their hands. If you are all about saving money you have to check out her blog: because you can find all kinds of free crap on there, in addition to coupons and all sort of other stuff!

But back to my original story. I printed a bunch of coupons from here:
and went to Safeway today to pick up some snacks & micro lunches for work.

Not only did Safeway have almost everything I had on my list on special, but I had coupons for about 75% of the stuff I bought. No joke, I saved over $45!!!!!!

I was so satisfied I needed a cigarette when I left the store.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother of the Year Alert

Many people who don't know me have no idea that I am a closet thrill seeker. Having children has tempered my adventurous nature (no more bungee jumping or extreme sailing) but I do love nearly peeing myself on the rides at Silverwood Theme Park.

Yesterday we hit the park for a fun family day of baking in the sun and riding the rides. Kaylee is just tall enough to go on every single ride in the park (with a parent). She waited all winter long to be big enough to go on the Corkscrew Roller Coaster. Our first ride of the season: CORKSCREW! YEAH!

She is such an amazing little thing. She looks nothing like me: Big blue eyes, blonde curly hair, her dad's feet. Looking at her from head to toe you would never guess that she inherited any of my genetic material. However, strap that kid into a ride that makes most grown men cry and you will see her mother in her eyes.

Our final ride of the day is called panic plunge: Top speed on this ride is 47 MPH. Kaylee wanted so badly to take it for a ride so we waited patiently in line for the thrill of her lifetime. I think her eyeballs popped out of her head on the way down. That kid didn't make a sound on the way down but sure enough, as soon as we got off she asked if she could go again. I couldn't have been more proud!

Friday, May 15, 2009

'Fess Up Friday

Wow! Where have I been? I really don't know! Busy? Maybe. Losing my mind? Definitely.

Here's my confession for today: I just ate a chocolate chip cookie. Most people would say "what's the big deal with a chocolate chip cookie?" The big deal is that I won't stop there. Oh no, later today I'll be offered dessert and I'll say no thank you. But then I'll think, "I already ate a cookie, so what's the big deal? I blew it already." Then I'll raid the chocolate stash at home because again, I've already blown it for the day. Then while watching a movie with the kids, most likely the 57th time I've watched the same movie, I'll eat an entire bag of microwave popcorn. Then more chocolate. So what I am really saying is that I have little self control or will power when it comes to junk food. Once I start, I just can't stop! But heck, it's Friday, so who cares anyway? Ice Cream parlor, here I come!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

100th post and it's a DOOZIE!

Last week I was in Sun Valley, Idaho for the Idaho Conference on Recreation & Tourism and attended a really fun reception the first evening. I had the opportunity to participate in a really interesting program called Dance Heads.

The video attached speaks for itself, however I encourage you to vote on how many glasses of wine you think I consumed prior to the filming of what will no doubt eventually prevent me from ever holding any public office (as if this blog won't already do that!)

If you don't know what I look like, I am the one in the middle. If only my body really looked like that. And to be that flexible! My husband would LOVE it. Ah well, such is life.

Special thank you to Sandii Zauala at Dance Heads Idaho for bringing this to Sun Valley!

Friday, May 1, 2009

'Fess Up Friday

My confession today: We almost sent our nearly three year old red headed devil child to daycare in his underwear in the midst of the worst tantrum the child has ever had. We took him to the car screaming, crying and wiggling (seriously, the kid has a future in the WWF) until he begged us to let him get himself dressed. We relented, and he FINALLY put his freaking clothes on. The older he gets, the meaner he gets and the less patience I have for this nasty, nasty behavior. Throw my hat in the ring for mother of the year. But what the hell, at least he got dressed, right? Your turn....