Friday, May 29, 2009

Clay VS Adam

Okay I have really avoided watching American Idol this year, but am at least aware enough to know that some gay dude came in second. Funny thing is everyone acts like the's the first ever gay dude to not win American idol. And they also act like he's the first gay dude EVER on the show.


Anyone remember Clay Aiken? Der! Like we all didn't know he was a homo the entire time he was on the show. And it's not like his closet gay-ness prevented him from winning, he just sucked a little more than Reuben Studdard.

That is what I find so amusing, that people would even remotely suggest that his gay-ness (and by the way he hasn't even confirmed it!) prevented him from winning the title. Give me a fricken break. I would bet that most of the voters are a bunch of fag hags anyway.

And I am not saying that being gay, not being gay, being gay and not admitting it, or being gay and knowing it but not wanting to tell a bunch of people is a big deal anyway. It's really not. Leave the poor kid alone.

Heck, he probably will have a better career than the winner anyways just like Clay Aiken. And what is up with their little cat fight? I bet they just totally love each other and can't admit it.

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