Friday, May 29, 2009

Go Away Diego, Go Away

Oddly enough I had a little extra time to sit on the couch with my children this morning and watch the tail end of quite possibly the most disturbing children's show on TV, next to Dora the Explorer.

First of all, there are a LOT of holes in the Diego cartoon series. How many children have a backpack that turns in to a jet pack, snowboard or canoe? Next time my kid is in an emergency situation I hope he doesn't start singing that stupid "back pack" song hoping it turns into something only MacGyver could dream up to save his ass.

Then he has this little baby jaguar sidekick. And he talks. And he actually rescued a mama bird and her two baby birdies from a nest. I don't know about you, but most jaguars I know would have made those birds a snack. Diego wouldn't be taking a picture of the cat & the birds for his rescue album, and the photo would be of the jaguar with some feathers stuck to the sides of his mouth.

I think the most annoying thing is that Diego repeats EVERYTHING, over and over and over. How many fricken times can you say "back pack" or "swim" or "flap your arms like a bird" with the most cheerful, happy and oddly nonsensical emphasis on the words?

Personally, I think Diego is on crack. No one is that enthusiastic and energetic all the time, nor would they imagine they could do half the things he does, unless they were under the influence of something. Now I REALLY wonder what is in his backpack...

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