Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My mom would be proud!

As we have previously established, it takes very little to get me excited (though Mark may argue that point!). I printed some coupons the other day from a website that my friend Deena sent me. Deena's money savings skills are superior to anyone else I know.

Honestly, the woman knows how to make the grocery store pay HER to take something off their hands. If you are all about saving money you have to check out her blog: because you can find all kinds of free crap on there, in addition to coupons and all sort of other stuff!

But back to my original story. I printed a bunch of coupons from here:
and went to Safeway today to pick up some snacks & micro lunches for work.

Not only did Safeway have almost everything I had on my list on special, but I had coupons for about 75% of the stuff I bought. No joke, I saved over $45!!!!!!

I was so satisfied I needed a cigarette when I left the store.

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Deena said...

I guess I haven't checked your blog in awhile because BAM! there was my name! I love, love, loved your post. Thank you for the plug and I'm SO super excited you saved a bunch of money! Love!!!! :-)