Friday, February 6, 2009

A mother's right

Mother's have rights. Well, and they are always right. But anyway, the point is that my right as a mother is to tell really boring stories about my kids that I think are hilarious. So here goes:

Last night we were in the car making plans for when we got home. We discussed that we would eat dinner, have "learning time", take a tub and go to bed (boy do I know how to have fun!!).

The kids requested a joint tub, which I prefer not to do but since Mark is working late for the next month and a half I decided to suck it up and do them both at once. It isn't easier, just quicker. And I end up a little less wet since there's not two separate tubbings with two separate kids splashing me for 10 minutes each.

So Brady says, "Tee-tah, don't throw a dolphin at me this time."

Kaylee says, "Brother, I DIDN'T throw a dolphin at you." (exasperated sigh)

(brief pause)

"It was a humpback whale."

Geez Brady, don't ya know????

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