Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not that there's anything wrong with that Part 2

If you haven't read part 1, take a moment so that more of part 2 makes sense!

I have a simple mind, so in all reality I really don't know how it all works together, but since I posted about fantabulous gay & lesbian vacation advertisements on my blog, the banner ads on my gmail account have changed slightly. For one thing, I noticed a link to a website that sells man-bras.

My mind immediately went to the Seinfeld episode (yes, another Seinfeld reference) featuring the "Bro", or bra for men-boobs, AKA moobs. Did I click over to see? You betcha!

What I found was not what I expected. Rather than an apparatus to contain & flatten overweight man-boobs, what I discovered where various bras designed to give your average cross-dresser the appearance of having woman-cleavage. Disturbing? Yes.

However, probably the most disturbing part of the whole website is that several of these man-bras actually showed male cleavage much more ample than my own. Where's the fairness in that?

How is it possible that a manufacturer can design a bra for a dude with pectoral muscles to create the illusion of big tits, but that same manufacturer hasn't even considered how well his product, though slightly altered for a female frame, might be a big seller to women who have breast-fed children and whose breasts currently reside in their armpits?

Many times I have asked myself where's the bra that can seek & squish every last ounce of breast tissue into two cups that will make us moms feel like teenagers with perky breasts again? Well folks, I found one and it is engineered for men who like to look like women.

The injustice of it all.


la maestra said...

My darling, my dear, how is it that you can make me laugh so hard? You would think that after a year of reading your musings I would know NOT to swallow a beverage as I begin to read. Lesson learned.

The Girls said...

A man bra? That is just so wrong!

As The Girls at Flopsy and Mopsy we were very upset to learn of this!

Anonymous said...

So glad you all likey!!! I was just beside myself with this revelation.