Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not that there's anything wrong with that.....

I was checking on Travelocity today because I need to book travel to Boise to attend a Senate hearing next week. I thought I would see what kinds of airfare deals I could find.

While I perused the options for airfare, I noticed a delicious banner ad at the top of the page:

3 shirtless sexy men walking on a beach:


Of course my eye was immediately drawn to the right of the photo, to the aforementioned three sexy men (as seen above). Sadly, no red flag was raised when I noticed that one man had his arm on the back of the one in the middle.

I mean, men pat each other on the back, right? Maybe not shirtless, but for pete's sake I live in north Idaho so anything with a beach and half naked hotties is immediately appealing. Details, details!

And tan men? Puh-leese! Of course, the fact that they appear to be well-groomed with washboard abs didn't send a warning sign either.

I finally noticed the text (after about ten minutes of drooling on my keyboard) and saw Vacation Deals and thought, "I wanna go there" then realized just as I was about to click that it says:

Gay or not, I would go there just to look at 'em! And yes, they ARE fantabulous. Sadly though, I guess my gay-dar is on the fritz.

I do want to send an appeal to Travelocity. Please be sensitive to those of us in cooler climates who have 2 months or less every summer to admire the tan, male physique.

Don't tease us with their hotness only to dash our hopes with them being gay.

Next time you run banner ads, don't use that kind of eye candy, you only confuse and frustrate your customers.

Or maybe next time you can put the words "FANTABULOUS" right on top of the half -naked men. I can 100% guarantee you I would have figured it out much faster that way.

Is fantabulous even a word?


la maestra said...

This was a fantabulous post. I want to be where those boys go too. I'm married,so I could only look- gay or not.

darcy said...

my Gaydar is totally out of whack too, it must be because um, I'm not going to say it.
I just can't I feel so guilty. Hahah.